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About the Indonesian Chemical Society

HKI (Himpunan Kimia Indonesia, Indonesian Chemical Society), founded in February 1962, is a nonprofit, independent organization/society facilitating communication among Indonesian chemists and related professions, and promoting the advancement of science, education, and application of Chemistry to support the better life for mankind. This society is supported by its members in 15 branches in various provinces in Indonesia. To pursue its missions, HKI organize activities to enhance communication and collaboration among chemists in various institutions in Indonesia, to disseminate new knowledge and research results in chemistry and related fields, to improve the knowledge and skills of chemists working in schools, universities, industries, research institutes, and other sectors, to nurture a scientific temper on school children to ensure strong capabilities of future chemists that are needed for humankind, and other activities that support its missions. HKI holds various academic conferences, publishes several journals, supports the development of scientific information systems in Indonesia, organize training for chemists in various sectors, etc.

HKI maintains communications and collaborations with other related societies (Indonesian Physical Society, etc.), Directorate General of Higher Education, chemical industries, universities, research institutes, forum of the head of chemistry departments in Indonesia, and other institutions and communities that have shared values, goals, or concerns with HKI. From some HKI activities and collaborations, HKI can provide recommendations to the government, other institutions, or communities on issues related to the development of chemical education, chemical research, applied chemistry, and other issues related to HKI missions and concerns.

HKI also develop communications with related societies in other countries, FACS (Federation of Asian Chemical Societies), and other organizations overseas. International communications and collaborations are important to enhance our capabilities, to develop synergic activities, to improve communications and collaborations between HKI members and their colleagues overseas, and to improve contributions of HKI and its members to the advancement of science, education, and application of Chemistry, and in the long term to support the better life for mankind.

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