Indonesian Chemical Society Open Journal Systems

This site hosts journals published by Indonesian Chemical Society (HKI), i.e. ";Journal of the Indonesian Chemical Socity"; and ";Jurnal Kimia Indonesia";. HKI also invites other accredited chemistry-related journals in Indonesia to be hosted on this site. All journals hosted on this site wil be indexed within a globally distributed system of research databases. This site was already registered to Public Knowledge Project metadata harvester. This tool collects the metadata from each indexed item in every journal on this system, enabling accurate and collective searching among the research sites that adhere to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. This scheme will help other researchers in searching and citing articles in our journals.

Journal of the Indonesian Chemical Society

This journal provides a forum for chemists to disseminate their research to a wider community of scientists. It will also play a role as a bridge between Indonesian chemists and the international community of researchers. Current news: we are in the process of upgrading the open journal systems to a new version (July 14, 2008 version). The articles are temporarily inaccessible.

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Jurnal Kimia Indonesia

Jurnal ini memuat artikel penelitian berbahasa Indonesia dan mencakup semua bidang kimia, termasuk pendidikan kimia serta proses dan terapan kimia. Nomor perdana jurnal ini telah terbit pada bulan Januari 2006.

Sejak volume 5 nomor 1, tahun 2010, pengelolaan jurnal ini telah sepenuhnya online agar komunikasi antara dewan penyunting dan komunitas kimiawan dapat lebih efektif dan efisien. Dengan demikian, penulis dapat mengikuti perkembangan artikelnya, mulai dari penelaahan, penyuntingan, proofreading, hingga akhirnya terbit dalam jurnal.

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Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

This is NOT a real journal. It is used by the JICS and JKI journal editors and administrators for exercising the online system. In the future, this journal will be deleted from the system.

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